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Hi, and welcome to my world! My name is Katy, and I am a photographer, digital artist, and creator of Sisi And Seb Art. My children are my life, so to name my business after their nicknames sounded like a great idea, short and sweet! :). I am a Czech girl fortunate to have lived seven wonderful years in Cape town, South Africa. This city is one of the most colorful places with so much character because of the different cultures that reside there; no wonder South Africa has been nicknamed the 'Rainbow nation'.
I still draw inspiration from my stay in South Africa. Especially in the coastal town of Simonstown where we lived, where penguins were roaming freely at the beach, surfer vans parked everywhere, the cacti and protea flowers growing alongside the streets, and if you were lucky, you could spot a porcupine crossing the road at night. I love the laidback boho lifestyle and beautiful nature of this country.

Since I started Sisi&Seb, so many new opportunities have opened for me that I could have never imagined happening! For example, some of my artworks made it into tv shows such as Selling Sunset (Netflix), and I was appointed to create an exclusive collection at Urban Outfitters retail shop. I am forever grateful for being able to share my work with the world. Thank you for stopping by and reading my story!